AFIA is Financing Australia's Future

The Australian Finance Industry Association (AFIA) is the leading industry advocate for Australia’s finance sector. We work with governments, regulators and key financial stakeholders to ensure that our members can actively participate in a stable, competitive and accessible finance market.

Our members are a core part of a dynamic finance industry that contributes $152 Billion to Australia’s National GDP, employ over 450,000 people nationwide and provides billions to consumers and businesses throughout the country.

We represent more than 100 providers of a consumer, commercial or wholesale finance that operate across Australia, including ASX-listed financiers, customer owned and regional banks, manufacturer captive financiers and wholesale capital providers.

AFIA Members provide the finance that Australian families, business and large corporate entities need to operate and grow for success.

Our diverse membership and market share, together with our several decades of lobbying see AFIA uniquely placed to provide specialist policy expertise and to work with regulators, government departments, and political representatives to advocate for industry growth and change.

A core strength of AFIA is providing a forum where members who traditionally compete in the market are able to articulate areas of alignment to the government or other key stakeholders. Our approach is fair, intended to clearly and forcefully voice our members’ position while recognising the legitimacy and value of the underlying policy objectives to address market risk or provide consumer protection.

AFIA is proud to be the voice of the sector that is ‘Financing Australia’s Future’.

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