The Services We Provide

Our Association offers three key deliverables to all of our members. That is Representation, Insights and connectivity (RIC).


We represent the interests of our members to federal and state governments, and to Australia’s financial and corporate regulators. Our policy team makes representations on our member’s behalf to a range of entities in the form of submissions, policy briefs and our government relations work.


Our insights are gained through gathering, analysing and utilising industry data to inform and promote the finance sector. This includes industry standards, benchmarking information and best practices, compliance updates and market trends. Our insights team deliver a range of weekly communications, notices and bulletins on the most pertinent regulatory issues affecting the finance sector.


We offer our members connectivity through a range of events, workshops and seminars. We connect you with like-minded professionals in the field with a similar industry focus and with government departments, policy officials, regulators and other key stakeholders.

AFIA is strongly committed to advocating for a sustainable industry that supports our members. The services we provide are detailed below;

Political advocacy.png

Political Advocacy

Sector developments.png

Sector Developments

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Policy Guidance


Networking Opportunities

Professional development.png

Professional Development


Research and Data